Die 5G Bedrohung | Leaked 5G Memo – Mind Control – Directed Energy Weapons | 5G das ultimative Aufrüsten durch elektromagnetische Strahlung

Die 5G Bedrohung | Leaked 5G Memo – Mind Control – Directed Energy Weapons | 5G das ultimative Aufrüsten durch elektromagnetische Strahlung


5G – A Real Terror

UK Critical Thinker

Published on Dec 2, 2017

5G – tell anyone and everyone about it. Make them aware it exists at the very least! Take Back Your Power – https://youtu.be/2uMfx-FsJiE

Danke Saheike, wer da noch verharmlosen möchte, macht sich sogar schuldig an beabsichtigtem Massenmord!
Leaked 5G Memo, Spooky Patents, Mind Control & Directed Energy Weapons

Leak Project

Published on Feb 27, 2018

Custom, Tinfoil, Limited Edition, EMF Shielding Cap #7 of #33 https://leakproject.com/product/emf-p… BEST ORGANIC SUPPLEMENTS ON MARKET @ http://WWW.GETTHETEA.COM Leaked Memo, Spooky Patents, Mind Control, DEW’s 5G millimeter wave related links http://www.rfwireless-world.com/Tutor… Method and device for producing a desired brain state https://patents.google.com/patent/US6… Pulsative manipulation of nervous systems https://patents.google.com/patent/US6… Multifunctional radio frequency directed energy system https://patents.google.com/patent/US7… Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect https://patents.google.com/patent/US6… Radio Frequency Levels https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_s… Schumann resonances https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schuman… Human Body resonance frequencies https://physics.stackexchange.com/que… Spectrum 5G Public Policy Position https://www.gsma.com/spectrum/wp-cont… National Security Strategy https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content… General Leaves National Security Council After Leak of 5G Memo http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/… Scoop: Trump team considers nationalizing 5G network https://www.axios.com/trump-team-deba… 5G Memo Eisenhower National Highway System https://assets.documentcloud.org/docu… T-Mobile expanded on its plans for 5G today by announcing that it will build out 5G-based mobile networks to 30 cities this year, including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas. http://www.broadcastingcable.com/news… Exclusive Content @ http://www.leakproject.com YouTube Channel @ http://www.youtube.com/clandestinetim…

URGENT WARNING – What YOU need to know about 5g Technology

The Supernatural – God is NOT dead

Published on Feb 25, 2018
Cancer, autism, nervous system and brain damage, decline in human life spans and fertility rates, sperm counts, depression and ANXIETY…. all side effect of 5g radiation. Please research this subject immediately and go to the school board meetings and the town hall meetings to keep this far away from our school children, if that is even possible. People love their iPhones and iPads and WiFi more than their own lives it seems. They turn a blind eye to the very real health risks and repercussions of these cell towers… because they don’t want to give up the toys (cellular smart phones and wifi devices) It’s just a sad fact of our fallen culture. Perhaps the EMP or Solar Flare taking down this dangerous radiation grid isn’t such a bad thing in the long run.

It’s Called The 5G BEAST SYSTEM For A Reason (2018)


Published on Jan 9, 2018

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